About my portfolio:

My work encompasses materials ranging from self-paced print to instructor-led classroom guides to audio and video and interactive multimedia to blended learning environments combining elements of all of these, as well as simulations, scenarios, games and discussions. To view or discuss my work, please e-mail me.

Dell: Software & Peripherals New Hire Sales Training

How do people learn to sell over 80,000 products?
Through blended learning to integrate sales skills, tools training, product knowledge and the corporate culture. We created a structured approach to gradually simulate the high-paced, high-pressure sales floor to let new hires learn and practice in a safe, supportive environment. Innovative approaches such as the Instant Einstein exercises lead to in-class sales call practice and finally, Secret Shopper experiences prior to fielding their first actual sales call so they have the knowledge and experience to confidently respond to customer needs.


This simulation of the law-making process uses a Congressional “desktop of the future” interface to access news reports and broadcasts, reference materials, polling information and e-mails and vid-mails. Students select a co-sponsor, guide the bill through a committee, and select or reject amendments in order to win passage of their proposal into law.


The EnterTech project coupled classroom learning with a computer-simulated work environment to train people with little to no work success for entry-level positions in high-tech manufacturing fields, combining pre-vocational training with specific vocational skills. Our team worked with a consortium of non-profits and corporations under the aegis of the University of Texas IC Squared Institute to create the design document used to guide production.